Sticky Discharge Is The Symptoms Of Pink Eyes.

Pink eyes or also known as conjunctivitis or madras eye, this eye problem is an infection affected to the outer layer of the eye and in the inner surface of eyelid. This problem is mostly infected due to the viral infection and bacterial, in some cases it is also caused due to allergies affected to a person. A pink eye is an eye problem which affects any person. This conjunctivitis that is pink eye has different symptoms from the other problem. There various symptoms which can changes as per the time. This symptoms are noticeable they include redness of eye, and inflammation, itching and many other signs. The most common signs in pink eyes are itchiness and irritation. Tearing of the eye is one of the symptoms of pink eye when infected. There are different types of pink eyes including bacterial, discharge, viral and frequent conjunctivitis. The discharge which is in green and yellow color flows from the eye which is responsible for eyelids sticking. The symptoms of pink eyes are as follows:
* Swollen eyelids
* Itchiness
* Both eyes affected
* Discomfort
* Tearing
In case of viral conjunctivitis following are the symptoms, watery discharge, irritation, infects one eye and spreads to other eye, redness of eyes. In bacterial conjunctivitis the most common symptoms of pink eyes are swelling of membrane, redness, irritation, stickiness to eyelid and many other symptoms. There are various medications available in markets which are recommended by expert doctors. To treat this problem you either go for a natural way or homeopathic way, it depends on the person. There are many methods of home remedies for pink eyes which one can use to treat the infection. This remedy does not cure the infection but it lower the symptoms of pink eyes, the perfect method to go for is natural remedies. Following are the methods on pink eye home remedies:
    • Take two to three teaspoons of honey drops and mix it in boil water, stir till it dissolves. Allow this water to cool down, use this remedy as eye wash or put as a drop on eyes. 
    • Grate the raw potato into slices and put it on infected area, it will lower the irritation and itchiness of the eyes. Instead of potato you can also include cucumber or cotton soaked in rose water.
    • To remove the discharge and crust which are formed in eyes, take a cotton ball and dipped in the warm water to wipe it off.
    • Other home remedies for pink eyes are using boric acid eyes to clean which it can be used by a cotton ball or cloth.
    • Castor oil is another best remedy to put one drop daily to cure the pink eyes.
    • Use the warm chamomile tea bag and place it on shut eyes. This method helps a lot to get rid from irritation and itchiness, repeat this procedure after two to three hours daily.
    • In pink eye home remedies the best way to get rid from the symptoms is, soak a cotton ball or cloth in boiled salt water, leave it cool down and then place it on your shut eyes.