Color blindness is a lack of color identification caused to a person.

Some of the people get a very common query regarding eye problem and ask questions why does my eye twitch? Following is the perfect post for people those who want are bound with this query. The twitching of a person eyes is a very common phenomenon. Generally, in the beginning it twitches in the bottom lid of one eye, but in some cases it also gets involve in the upper lid of the eye. In other case the twitches comes and go which does not harm a person's eye. According to some cases which are recorded, an individual had twitches in his eyelid that lasted around a weeks and even months. So majority of the people ask immediately why does my eye twitch. This twitching is caused due to various reasons including stress, dryness of eyes, eye strain, allergies, and tiredness. So if you ever get the feeling of twitching one should immediately look for a doctor before the situation gets worse. To avoid such kind of problem you should be careful about for what you're allergic to. Lack of sleep, changes of glass or contact lens, dryness and more are the reasons which affect to twitch an eye of an individual.

Glaucoma is one of the most dreaded diseases which are affected to the human being. It is caused due to the damage of optic nerve which is a very important part of the human body; it acts as a carrier of images which a brain sees. There are two types of Glaucoma including acute angle or also known as closure glaucoma, and open angle glaucoma. In the open angle, if a person is affected to this type, the most common symptom is impaired vision or loss of vision. In the acute angle, there are many symptoms of glaucoma which are noticeable by a person. It includes blurred vision, headache, nausea, severe pain in eye, haloes which appear like a rainbow over the lights, and vomiting. This disease is so dangerous that it affects the whole eyes which cause loss of vision or even death. This problem effects majority to boys by congenital glaucoma and childhood glaucoma. The symptoms of glaucoma does not affect adult, but it is mainly found in small children's. In the closed glaucoma it affects only one eye of a person at a time but in other case for open it affects both eyes.

Color blindness is relatively a confusing name; actually it is not at all a blindness which causes a person. In reality, it is an absence of seeing color through vision. When a person undergoes from this kind of a vision problem or deficiency, they may have complications when it comes to distinguish a particular color from other colors. The most common problem a person will face who is affected to it is, the difference between yellow and blue which will become hard to trace; and so it is the same case when it come to select green and red. The main cause of the Color blindness is when the low sensitive cells that is the part of the retina stops responding properly to the changed wavelengths that are the part of a light. Only one single color wavelength is shown to a person affected to it, but they find more difficult to tell a particular color. Color deficiency is commonly affected more to the men than the women. Frequently, people who undergo from this kind of vision problem they are known to get this defect from childhood or may be from born.