Herbal medicine: boon to the mankind  

Herbal medicine has been saving humankind since many centuries whether it is in America or India the existence of herbal medicine has been found in every culture. Herbal medicine not only bars side effect but it is also effective .But due to the development of technologies and resources allopathic is gaining the importance, no doubt it cures illness very fast but also has equal amount of sideffect lined within. Herbal medicine also works because it deals with the disease internally and takes it out from the root .Herbal medicine is considered a boon for the humankind because it is a nature's gift given to us but it had lost its charm, but nowadays people are again regaining its properties.

Healing herbs are now days considered very effective even by the allopathic medical practitioners because of there wonderful healing effects.There are many types of herbal medicines available as follows Healing herbs: St John's Wort is used to heal depression Lavender heals headache as it works with the nervous system. Rosemary is a spice but its intake can cure depression and digestion problems. Peppermint cures cold and flu. Fennel seeds can cure bronchitis, coughs and helps in digestion. Garlic can diminish cholesterol level and can control Glucose levels. Ginger is used to cure sore throat, fever and heals digestive problems.

The uniqueness of these herbs is they can be easily found and can cure day to day problems efficiently. Aloe Vera as we know is rich in vitamins and is very efficient in curing skin diseases. Neem is rich in vitamin e and used as a skin tonic and also for digestion and very known with people having high blood sugar. These are some of the herbs with fantastic healing power and the best part about them is they are found very easily in our day to day life.

Chinese herbs are also traditional type of medicines. One of the most known belief about the Chinese herbs are the energies flow from various parts of the body ,which is known as chi or qi,when qi flows freely that means you are healthy and when qi is choked you experienced various diseases .Acupuncture is used to open the choked area ,the acupuncturist inserts needles to perform this .Chinese herbs are mainly used in west .Chinese herbs are generally classified in to warm , cool ,cold and hot the second classification is according to the taste like sweet , bitter, salty, pungent and sour practitioners so ,the practitioners accordingly treats there patients These are some of the common Chinese herbs used:

For acquiring the chances for fertility herbs like Dong Quai and Ginseng is used. Mushroom is another important Chinese herb, which has got great immune properties. Cinnamon, which is known as gui zhi which is considered to be hot for the body and mostly deals with blood related diseases. The common message given by the experts regarding these herbal medicines is that you should always take help of the medical practioner who practices in these kinds of medicines and self-treatment is strictly not recommended.